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Iguazu Falls, Pantanal, Guarani Jesuit Missions, Agricolture,
transportation, and more.

Welcome to South America, welcome to Iguazu Falls!

Are you ready ta make your stay a memorable and enriching experience at one of the most beautiful and diversifides landscapes on earth?

I am committed to a high quality service, with lots of information on flora, fauna, regional history, ethnobotany, geology, entomology, agricolture, etc. .

For nature lovers, birdwatchers, wildlife photographers, farmers and everyone else interested in high quality tours. . .

You'll be fascinated with affairs of tourist interest which will add a lot in your personal experience.

Be guided by a local, born and raised in the area who knows the best trails for birdwatching. Or take a tour to the Jesuit Missions of Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina.

Recommendations on the best hotels, restaurants and tours.

Your vehicles for rides are all clean, comfortable and safe.

You can do different tours by day and enjoy every minute. Just choose what you want to do.

If you need any help, please contact me.


Marcelo da Rocha.

Attention potential clients, please, once I answer your questions, try to confirm as soon as possible the tour, because due to the large number of reservations I often can not leave a date in open for more than two days.



Marcelo da Rocha

Rua Coronel Caetano Rocha, 347. Vila Yolanda. Foz do Iguaçu, Paraná. Brazil.


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